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Joomla User in Mayen

It is up to you to create your own website. It is important to you to have the administration fully under control, but

  • you often have questions about the technique.
  • you do not know which texts and contents make sense on the homepage?
  • you've spent a lot of time building your website in the past? Hours of research on Google were necessary because you have no person to exchange experience with.

Here we come into play!

  • As experts in web design and Joomla, we help other Joomlaners (like you!) To make their website unique and engaging.
  • As part of the Joomla User Group Koblenz we offer a contact point in Mayen.
  • But we also like to think outside the box and we are also interessted in other content management systems like Wordpress.

The UG Mayen is right for you, if

  • you are Joomla! Beginner, Joomla! user, developer, designers.
  • you are looking for a user group near Mayen.
  • you do not like to spend thousands of Euros on your website.
  • you're about to learn how to make a great website yourself.

Do you feel addressed? Then you are welcome to contact us via e-mail.